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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 1, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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a monster wave turns into a monster sized problem. but tonight two injured sailors were rescued from their battered boat. good evening. alan wang has the dash dash has the night of on. they were rescued a few hours ago. the problem started during the 6th leg of the around the world race. they were sailing from china to san francisco when a wave knocked out the steering. and tonight there is finally good news. lilian kim is live at the coast guard air station at sfo with those details. lilian? >> ama, the two sailors with the most serious injuries are in safe hands. they are on a coast guard cuter on their way to san francisco bay. a coast guard helicopter arrived at sfo after being sent on a rescue mission in the pacific ocean.
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the crew attempted to hoist two injured sailors from a damaged racing yacht a few hundred miles off the coast. the plane shows the 68-foot western australia before the rescue. the two crew members were sailing since july in a race that is the around the world yacht race. they were injured when a -- when they were hit on saturday. >> a risk assessment was taken and the best option would be to get the two most severely injured passengers aboard the coast guard cuter and to bring them back on the cuter as opposed to getting them on the hilo. >> both are from the uk. one may 1r* broken ribs and the other from a pelvic strain. the coast guard cuter is identical to this vessel in alameda. the two injured sailor are expected to arrive on monday
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morning. >> we knew what we were taking on, the largest ocean in the world. there is is a healthy sort of scariness i suppose if you would like. >> he is among the dozens of sailors who are also competing in the yacht race. most of the boats have arrived in oakland's jack london square. as for the rest of the crew, they are slowly, but surely making their way to the bay area. >> the crews are in good spirits. although this feeling was carried away, we do have a back up system and they are using the back up system so she is not disabled. she is not crippled. >> the coast guard cuter is expected to arrive between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. the injured sailors will be taken to a hospital in san francisco. live at sfo, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. police in san jose are investigating an officer involved shooting right now. it happened at richard's bar. 24r was a holdup alarm at
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8:30. one of the officers fired their gun, but no one was hurt. the investigation is on going. police want to know why the officer opened fire. in alameda, police shot and killed a dog on fiji lane when officers were responding to the call of a man brandishing a knife. a pittbull broke out and charged an officer. fearing he was going to be bit or mauled, the officer fired his service weapon. an early morning house fire took the lives of two people including a child. abc7's sergio quintana has the story. >> emotions boil over as a man tries to get into his house and is held back by his family and police. this is a fire that jolted the neighborhood into action. several people raced to try and save residents from the flames. >> we are hoping all of the kids got out and everybody got out and that's not what happened. >> firecrews arrived and quickly launched an attack and a rescue operation. >> some of the people that were able to safely evacuate
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said there were possibly two people in the structure. so we went into rescue. >> 13 people were in the house when the fire started. 11 were able to get out. some from a second floor window. >> there were some reports from the police department that there were people who were exiting from the second floor window including some children that were being tossed out the window to safety below. >> one of the children tossed out of the window, a one-year-old baby. the infants and parents were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. two people did not make it out alive. a middle aged boy and a grandmother in her 90s. throughout the morning extended family came to the fire scene to figure out what happened and console each other. >> the family is not doing too good. they are sad, and when we showed up they said hi patricia. >> hugs and kisses and stuff. >> patricia and tbee --
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guiermo moved there a few weeks ago. the fire started on the first floor and then quickly spread to the rest of the house. investigators spent a good part of the day collecting clues to try to figure out exact plea where the fire started and what sparked it. in pacifica, abc7 news. >> the week long search foresee yarr raw lamar is over tonight. for sierra lamar is over tonight. a new picture will be display owed fliers. the 15-year-old was last seen 16 days ago when she disappeared shortly after leaving her mother's house for school. sierra's mom is determined to find her. >> it is not going to end. that's something my daughter took after me. she was very determined. she did what it took to get the message out. she was fiesty, and she didn't think twice. she spoke first. >> the next scheduled search
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foresee yarr raw is next saturday -- for sierra is next saturday. occupy protestors are back in san francisco. they have taken over a building on turk street. thomas roman is live with the details. thomas? >> ama, occupy san francisco has taken possession of the building behind me. the property belongs to the catholic church, and according to the san francisco police occupiers can stay until the church says they have to leave. occupy san francisco and occupy oakland joined forces today to occupy the vacant building. the group stormed in this evening after their long april fool's march. they say they have great plans for the site. >> our vision is we want to provide food for the needy. we want to provide housing for people who don't have housing. we want to provide medical and social services. >> the building at 888turk belongs to the sacred heart prep school.
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occupiers knew that in advance because the first banner reads give us our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses. trespassing is exactly what they are doing and so far the church is forgiving. >> it is private property, but the owner or manager would have to file a complaint otherwise known as a citizen's arrest for police to do something. >> no word from sacred heart or the archdiocese. so they set up shop and claimed it as the first san francisco commune according to literature they handed out. this took place after a march at 5:00 p.m. they marched on geary street. one person chose to lay down. they snarled traffic along the way. some people got off a bus and decided to walk to their destination. >> it is kind of crazy, but people are allowed to say what they want. >> is it inconvenient for you at this point? >> it is over rated now.
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>> over rated, but not out maneuvered. they now have a home, at least for now. >> as you can see san francisco police are standing by. officials say nothing is going to change here until the archdiocese of san francisco makes a decision one way or the other. in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you. police are trying to identify vandals who damaged property during an occupy oakland march last night. officers say some people were caught on tape vandalizing the buildings. there were broken windows along the march route in downtown oakland. police are outlooking to get distracted drivers off the road. april is national distracted driving month. and they are taking part in cracking down on cell phone use and texting while driving. a ticket for violating 9 hands free or no texting law costs a minimum of $159. airlines have improved. that's according to a new study that is out that says
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purdue university conducted the study. it looks at how often flights arrive on time and how many complaint against them and several other factors that affect a passenger's experience. hawaii an airlines took first place at on time arrival at 903%. and jet blue was worst with an on time rate of a little more than 73%. the industry average was 80% up slightly from 79% in 2010. southwest had the fewest complaints per 100,000 passengers while united had the most. coming up, march madness turns ugly. the madness into the final game. credit card users are facing another problem today. and a big night for country music fans. the winners at tonight's academy of country music awards. >> hi, everyone. we are all going to be a winner tomorrow as the temperatures will start to heat up. can you say some 70s in your neighborhood? we will check out the numbers coming up.
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>> closed captioning brought to police in lexington, kentucky plan to have extra officers on hand to make sure a celebration doesn't get violent again. there were fires, vandalism and fights in the streets. and those spoiled the party after the university of kentucky's men's basketball team beat in state rival louisville last night to advance to tomorrow's national championship game. neighbors today woke up to scenes like this with debris and damaged cars lining their streets. a major rally today in miami for trayvon martin, the florida teen shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer. tonight a new call for justin from trayvon's older brother.
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abc's sandra bookman reports. >> protesters came out to show support for trayvon martin. >> no justice. >> no peace jie. what do we want? >> justice. >> they are demanding justice for the unarmed teen shot dead after he bought a pack of candy. this man, george zimmerman says he opened fire in self-defense after martin attacked him, punching him in the nose and banging his head on the concrete. trayvon's older brother told miami affiliate, wfor he doesn't understand why the police and others accepted zimmerman's story as fact. >> it is baffling how people, they just take his word for it as if that is exactly what happened, and no question about it. >> the family points to this police video taken about a half an hour after the shooting showing zimmerman with no apparent head wounds. but a man who wants to be anonymous says the video doesn't tell the whole story.
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>> i saw george. he was banged up. i seen him have a big bandage on his nose and his nose swollen. on the side where his eyes were at. >> sunday's miami protest follows one on saturday in sanford. the that's the florida town where martin died. and a candle vigil in fort lauderdale where his best friend remembered him. >> he was an inspiring person. he was a motivational speaker. >> trayvon martin's death has lead to demands across the country for zimmerman to be arrested. sandra bookman, abc news. self-defense is becoming a more common claim in homicide cases in the u.s. especially in states like florida that have stand your ground laws. justifiable homicides doubled from 2000 to 2010. some bay area residents are paying a bit more sales tax today. the voter approved increases
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went into affect today. vawvallejoent went up to 8.375%. sales tax in fairfax increased to 8.5%. that puts fairfax in line with novato and san rafael for the highest sales tax in marin county. a lot of people around the country today couldn't even make purchases, much less pay sales tax. a spokesperson for visa says a technical ditch stopped people from using credit or debit cards for about 45 minutes. it was unrelated to the massive security breech with mastercard customers. state employees will test the snowpack in the sierra. this will be the fourth time this season the department of water resources will conduct the snow survey. even though the year has been relatively dry, the reservoirs have been everywhere from about 80 to 100% capacity thanks to conservation efforts. and we have been getting some rain around here, but today was nice and dry. >> today was terrific.
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it was a bit on the breezy side. we will cut the wind in half tomorrow and warm things up, folks. get ready for a terrific monday. not too shabby this evening. we still have some gusty winds especially near the coast. but this is a live look from our high definition camera. clear skies out there. those winds coast side are still whipping up some of the waves ssments -- up some of the waves. we have a high surf advisory that is up until 11:00 tomorrow. you can see some of those swells already a little over 10 feet in most locations. the exception is half moon bay checking in at this hour at 9 feet. but the swells will continue to actually go down as we head through the evening hours. so by 11:00 tomorrow i think things should be back to normal. they will probably lift the advisory. until then it is up, and it could be dangerous out there. here is a look at the current readings with the clear skies. 43 degrees in napa and 50 in san francisco. 49 half moon bay.
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fremont is at 48. 48 livermore and 53 in san jose. and we are going to keep it cool tonight. the clouds have moved on out of the area. as the wind starts to die down, that will allow things to really cool often. some locations midto upper 30s especially in the north bay. 5* warmer day tomorrow and then get ready for another round, a slight chance of showers as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. you are definitely going to feel the cool down as we get into the colder air mass. overnight temperatures santa rosa 39 and 40 in napa and 47 san francisco. as you can see san jose down to morgan hill in the low 40s and we will look to mid to low 40s. high pressure is building in today and it brought us the wind. it will be a little further over us tomorrow. so the wind will be cut a little bit in half. we will have a little breeze, but not as windy as it was.
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it will translate to warmer temperatures. as we head closer to tuesday, some of the clouds associated with the cold front will thicken and it could bring extreme north bay communities a chance of a few showers on tuesday night and wednesday. this is 5:00 tomorrow morning. you will see clear skies and we may see a few high clouds drift by from time to time. by tuesday morning we should start to see a thickening clouds around the bay area. this is 3:00 tuesday afternoon, and that is when we could see some moisture drift in from the cold front to the north. temperatures are warmer and 70s inland and 70 for antioch, concord and livermore. 70 for santa rosa. even down toward monterey bay, the salinas valley, you will definitely warm up as well. salinas 69 and gilroy 73. here is a look at the seven-day forecast. we have a delightful day tomorrow, and then the clouds thicken on tuesday.
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a chance of showers. mainly in the north bay tuesday night and wednesday. would you look at thursday, the temperatures are only in the midto upper 50s. right now easter weekend looks dry. >> a lot of people would be happy about that. >> shu, big game. >> it was a sad, saddening. stanford playing their hearts out. the cardinal could not buy a basket when they needed it and baylor was on their way.
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stanford head coach had the perfect game plan to counter the player of the year. but the shots wouldn't fall and baylor is on their way to the finals. condoleezza rice is cheering on stanford. he is there for the lady bears. the plan is to keep her out of the paint. it worked early. no other cardinal hit double digits. what didn't work was the three pointers. they were two for 17 and baylor lead by two at the half. bay leer went on an 8-0 run. 46-34 bears. she fouls out and the 8-0 run stretched to a 17-3 run.
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four final four's and no ncaa titles as they win it 59-47. >> it was kind of difficult for us to really figure out what we wanted to do on offense. i think we were too worried about her. but in reality attacking her wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. hitting shots is what it comes down to. >> we need more ep help. people need to pick up offensively. amber going one for nine. we had some good looks and we need to knock them down. >> uconn taking on notre dame. the steel and all alone for the lay in. 51-58 notre dame. 20 seconds left and tied at 65. mcbride steels it and she is going the other way. her pass is picked off and she goes the other way. misses the lay up, but she gets the foul. after making both shots it is the one last chance.
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with the lay up and tie itself and we go to over time. in overtime britney mallory from deep and got it. it was 73-70 and she would bury another and notre dame wins it 83-75. that lead bay leer to the finals -- baylor to the finals. kobe bryant to the rescue for the lakers with a 40-point night. first quarter and a monster jam by david lee. he took 27 points and the former warrior with the three ball. the lakers up three in the half. nate robinson with three. and thompson lays it in. cuts the lead to one. it is three and a pose. he got some help and a fade away and two of his 26. and then kobe ices three for three from beyond the arc. 40 points on the night. warriors drop their fifth straight.
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kraft gnaw business scow -- nabisco. she ends up with a 74 and is done. a two-stroke lead and back to back bogies and falls off the leader board. she misses the putt on 18 for the lead, but she is in the clubhouse at 9 under. it was a one-foot putt on 18 and oh my goodness. she is also at 9 under. for birdie on 18 to get into a playoff. just misses. kim and su in sudden death. an 18-foot birdie putt nails if.
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nails it. she takes the traditional leap into the pond on 18. don't worry, $300,000 will buy her some new clothes. pga's final tune up before next week's master. he has a two-stroke lead coming in, but par 4 fifth and putting for bogey and how did that not go in? hunter mahan started two back. five feet away and he makes that for birdie. he shoots a one under 71 and this par putt seals the deal. a one-stroke victory over carl peterson. coming up later a clash on the ice like you have never seen before, and of course heart broken for her. >> she is one of the most delightful athletes i have covered in my 20 years in the bay area. you feel horrible they couldn't get it done. they had a great plan, but they couldn't make a basket when they had to. but it has been a great season. they will think about that later. they wanted to get to the final too. >> and two years left, and
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there are two more in the pipeline. i guarantee we will end up at stanford. you will have 10 years of them. we will be in good shape. >> thanks, shu. coming up, the race for the white house as the candidates bay the tell for wisconsin. and how to get a little help on your taxes and how it could earn you a bigger refund.
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good evening. i'm ama dates. 234* tonight's headlines, two injured sailors are now expected to arrive in san francisco tomorrow afternoon. they are being airlifted by the coast guard from their yacht that was clobbered by a huge wave during an around the world race and actually transferred to another coast guard ship. funeral arrangements are being made for two people who died in a house fire in pacifica. the bodies of a man in his 90s and a middle school-aged boy were found inside. 11 others made it out alive from the two-story building including a one-year-old. members of occupy san francisco and occupy oakland have taken over private property belonging to the catholic church. they are calling the building the first san francisco commune. wisconsin is the next hurdle in the race for the nomination. voters go to the polls on
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tuesday. once again, mitt romney is the tortoise in the race keeping the lead by going slow and steady. david curly has our report. >> mitt romney has high hopes for a big day in wisconsin. >> now we are looking like we will win this thing on tuesday. but i have to have you guys get out and vote. >> the latest polls put romney at the head of the pack in the badger state. a win could put him closer to nabbing the nomination. getting that magic number of 1,444 delegates. romney hit a pancake brunch with one of the latest republicans to endorse him. the wisconsin representative paul ryan. >> this president sacrificed medicare to pay for obama care which is another good reason in 2012 we will get him out of office. >> i think they should move on to the general election. >> newt gingrich's ride could come to an end in wisconsin. for the first time he is acknowledging that romney could be the nominee.
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>> i think he clearly has a chance to do it, and i think if he does succeed in doing it, we will support him and i think rick santorum will support him. >> santorum is not conceding yet. >> this race is not even at half time. >> santorum would need to win 74% of the remaining delegates to win the nomination. even so, he sounds ready to take his fight to the floor of the republican convention in tampa. >> so many of the delegates who are coming to the convention are unbound delegates. this idea that governor romney has all of these delegates and this huge lead, the must bees just don't bear that out. >> santorum is counting on a primary victory to keep his campaign in contention. abc news, washington. >> a vote of a different kind in the country of myanmar has placed a nobel peace prize winner into office. chi seen leaving a polling station has won a seat in parliament. she was under house arrest for 15 years for her activities
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against the government. the country formerly known as berma has been under military rule for years. the elections are seen as a small step forward toward democracy. a federal tax credit can put thousands of dollars into the pockets of the nation's neediest families. yet one in five never claims their money. my will cay finney reports on a a -- michael finney reports on a free service to collect the cash. >> it was the middle of the day and the room is barely filled at this free tax clinic in san francisco. moms with kids, singles on fixed income. >> when i found out it was free i was thinking like, wow, might as well give it a try. >> she is struggling to get by, and expecting his first child. he was glad to have his taxes done free and he learned he might also get a nice tax refund. >> i could use some of the money to buy some diapers. >> the free clinic is just one of 200 set up by the united
11:39 pm
way all-around the bay area. about a quarter million workers here qualify for free tax help, but only about 5% have used it. >> so the rest of the people paid somehow. >> kelly from united way says more than 60% of low wage earners wind up paying $300 for tax preparation when they could take advantage of this free service. >> you think if it is free it is not high quality when our free services are high quality. we work with the irs and are trained and certified by the irs. >> the program is 10 years old, but folks like alberto sandoval says they just learned of it this year jie. this is my first time coming here. they are really nice and they are really professional. >> many of the clients qualify for potentially large refund using the federal earned income tax credit. workers earning less than $50,000 a year may qualify. the tax credits range from $460 to $5700.
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it depends on the size of their families and income. eligible workers get the money even if they don't owe taxes. however, one in five who are eligible don't even apply for the credit. in the bay area alone an estimated $80 million goes unclaimed each year. >> families that can't make ends meet need the extra money this their pocket. even if it is just a couple hundred dollars or up to several thousand they need that. they pay for transportation, child, health care, food, rent. >> i don't know nothing about that. i hope i qualify for it. >> let me get you a heads up. you can get your tax questions answered. it is the 7 on your side tax chat and hotline will be back this tuesday from 4:30 until 8:00 p.m. we will have more than a dozen tax experts here. someone will know how to answer your question. michael finney, 7 on your side. >> tax time is coming up. the federal government
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will unveil intimate details about life during the great depression. the 1940 census records will be released after 72 years of confidentially expires. the records will be free to anyone on the internet, but they won't immediately be name searchable. we have a link on our website at click on see it on tv. country music took center stage tonight in las vegas at the 47th annual academy of country music awards. >> ♪ i fill you up >> toby keith was helped out by carrot top. male and female vocal of the year was blake shelton and miranda lambert. entertainer of the year went to taylor swift. adam sandler wins big, but it is not an award that any hollywood star wants to receive. and gearing up for some spring cleaning. how to get motivated.
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>> and we have clear skies out there right now. the temperatures tomorrow will be warming. 60s and 70s. oh and i have the forecast if you are heading to that bay bridge series game tomorrow evening. that's comomñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñxñi
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adam sandler scored a new high, or a new low at the razzies. the in you movie "jack and jill" claimed all 10 at the golden rasberry awards. he even won for both worst actor and actress for his duo
11:45 pm
roles in the film. the hunger games" is the big winner at the box office pulling in another $61 million for a total of $251 million in just 10 days. that's uh well ahead of the number two movie "wrath of the tie -- titans" a sequel to" clash of the tie 10s," "mirror, mirror" came in third and" the lora x" tops out the top five. spring s spring has sprung. that means it is time to get started on a tabooed old-fashioned housecleaning. but getting motivated is another story. here are some tips on how to tackle spring cleaning. >> what is worse, having to walk into your house every day into the clutter or taking the time to actually start cleaning it up? you will feel better sooner than carrying the clutter around with you mentally and physically. >> so any tips to get past the procrastination other than
11:46 pm
going in going i should do this? >> yes, procrastination is the biggest factor that prevents us from doing anything we don't particularly want to do. but i think it is important to actually if you have a family get your family together and make a plan and a schedule. put time in your life where everybody is going to get together or just you and actually sit down and do it. don't plan on doing the whole house though at once. you will get overwhelmed and get tired and give up. plan on one room at a time, one closet at a time. make it manageable. >> so a little at a time. >> exactly. >> my big issue with clutter, and i hear this from a lot of folks is paper. there is junk mail and bills and all of these kinds of things. any tip forgetting rid of that stuff? >> yes. i think the first thing to do is to get it into one place. oftentimes people are putting things in different spots and they don't have a home for it, right? a home is not on a counter
11:47 pm
top. >> it is not? >> it is not. people tend to think if there is space then i can put it there. but you first have to start designating spaces for your stuff. a box, a drawer, a cabinet that sort of thing. get it altogether. separate it out. start purging the expired stuff. start going through the bills. organize your bills. get a file system, and start looking at the things you do need versus the things you don't need. >> now, how do you get someone who is a family member or a friend who needs to de clutter their life -- how do you motivate them to do it? >> the best way to do that is to sit down and express your earn concern. if you are living with someone or you have a friend or another loved one and you go into their house and are constantly moving papers aside or having to stand because there is no place to sit, -- >> have you been to my house. >> we weren't supposed to tell anybody about that, brian.
11:48 pm
express your concern. share with them that you would be happy to help, that you would be help to put some -- >> back up. i didn't say help them. i said motivate them. >> well. it might motivate them to have you come back to their house. >> you can watch 7 live weekdays here on abc7. let's get to leigh for a look at how your workweek will shape up weather wise. >> hi. if you have travel plans, business, family, friends, what have you takes you to southern california, probably no flight delays tomorrow because it will be terrific out there. a lot of sunshine, clear skies, 77 l.a. and 82 for palm springs. yosemite will warm to 61. 70s for sacramento, chico 70, 70 for big sur and if you are headed to the bay bridge series tomorrow night, giants and a's and it will be mostly clear tomorrow evening. temperatures will be dropping off by the time you get to that first pitch. it should be around 58 degrees. a terrific evening for a
11:49 pm
ballgame. inland in the 70s. 60s elsewhere in the bay. mid to low 60s at the coast. tuesday and wednesday you folks are going to thicken the clouds a little bit. there is a weak cold front that might bring extreme north bay communities at a chance of a few sprinkles. we will put those in tuesday night and early wednesday morning. what you will really notice is the temperature. by thursday highs only in the mid-- i would put the upper 50s. but it may be the mid50s and then we will warm up in time for easter which is why that bunny is jumping up and down. shu is sitting there looking at the bunny going, is it going to stop? >> i just realized it was easter. you both wore stanford red. >> and it didn't help. >> stanford goes down fighting. details and reaction coming up. and what brought on this argument between these two hockey coaches? you won't believe it. stick around. details are on
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stanford head coach had a perfect game plan to counter baylor's center, but the shots would not fall and baylor was on their way to the final. condoleezza rice was there and rg3 was cheering on his lady bears. britney was out of the paint and it worked early. no other cardinal hit double digits. what didn't work was the three pointer. sanford two for 17 from beyond the arc.
11:53 pm
bailer lead by two at the half. bailer on an 8-0 run. 46-34 bears. midway through the second and she fouls out. the 8-0 run stretched into a 17- 3 run. the lay in and four final four's . baylor wins it. >> it was difficult for us to really figure out what we wanted to do on offense. i think we were too worried about her, but in reality attacking her wasn't as hard as we thought it would be. hitting shots is always what it comes down to. we need more help. people need to pick up offensively. amber going one for nine and jess one for six. we had some good looks, but we need to knock them down. >> great season. uconn and notre dame and irish up five. diggins with the sneel. she goes all the way. 58-51 notre dame. their biggest lead of the night. 20 seconds left. notre dame's kayla mcbride
11:54 pm
steels it. her pass is picked off. she goes the other way. she misses the lay up, but gets the foul. they have one last chance. the lay up and that ties it. we go to over time. in ot and britney mallory with the three pointer and got it. it was 73-70. notre dame goes on to win it 83-75. they will play bay leer in the finals -- baylor in the finals. the golden state warrer -- warriors look like a great team. staples center, more celebrities there than anywhere else in the world. he lead six warriors in double figures to 27. troy murphy, the former warrior and lakers up three at the half. robinson with three. next possession and clay thompson. cuts the lead to one. that's as close as the warriors get and it is kobe time. got some help from gasol with
11:55 pm
the fade away. and then kobe with the ice. three for three from beyond the arc and 40 points on the night. warriors drop their fifth straight 1 20-112. what a finish at the lpga championship. beautiful day as leigh said in southern cal. she misses the birdie to take the lead and shoots a 74. she is done. a two-stroke lead and had back to back bogies and falls off the leader board. she misses the birdie for the lead, but she is in the clubhouse at nine under. the one footer on 18 and misses. she is also in at nine under. for birdie on 18 to get into a three-way playoff. slides by kim and sudden death. on 18 and 18-foot birdie and she wins her first major, second lpga win and takes a win in the final 18 and wins 300 grand.
11:56 pm
pga's final tune up before the masters. a two-stroke lead coming in, but par 4 fifth. how does that not go in? his tee shot and off five feet and he rolls it in for birdie. one under 71. he seal itself a one-stroke victory. the sharks are holding down the eighth and final playoff spot in the west and they will face dallas on tuesday night. it was a home at home against l.a. check this out. penguins and fliers and it is a cheap shot from behind. a couple of minutes later and they retaliate with a clean hit. he gets everyone on the ice unhappy. the fliers' head coach and he gets into a screaming match with the former shark player. they are both ejected. 68 penalty minutes were handed out in this game and believe
11:57 pm
it or not there was a hockey game played. fliers beat the penguins 6-4. kentucky is looking for their eighth ncaa title as they face kansas in new orleans for the men's title. it should be a good one. as i said earlier i really felt for him. he didn't get one, but what a great career and what a great year for stanford. >> she seems amazing the way she talks about it. >> and she has a great experience and is a delightful person. >> thank you for joining us. that does it for us. your next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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